Spotlight: | Fresh Ego Kid

Fresh Ego Kid, we'd like to thank you for keeping us looking fresh all year long. No matter what the season or weather, Fresh Ego Kid have had us covered head to toe. With their exciting new range slowly hitting our website, we thought we would remember some of our favourite outfit combinations from Fresh Ego Kid.

The Half Zip Poly Tracksuit Top and Joggers was and still is one of the best sellers on our Northern Menswear site. During these transition months, it's almost crucial that we have a great pair of matching tracksuits in the wardrobe for those off-duty days or a casual day out, yet still looking fresh. In creating garments that offer high-quality streetwear, it's a no-brainer that all the lads loved this set from Fresh Ego Kid.

Another site favourite is the Fresh Ego Kid Caps. With their recent collaboration with the world-renowned New Era, their fresh caps with the signature logo across the front have been loved all season long. Each cap having an adjustable back strap makes the cap all the more while more adaptable for you. No matter what the season or month, a sick cap can be that one accessory to make a whole outfit complete.

With the weather getting cooler, one winter essential that’s always a must have is the Barcode Hoodie. A hoodie is most accepted as a piece of essential streetwear fashion is in the season of Autumn. Being both functional, stylish and now more than ever back on trend, the Barcode Hoodie is your new wardrobe staple.

Shop now on our Northern Menswear site to scroll through Fresh Ego Kid’s latest range and our season essentials.