Spotlight: Fresh Couture | Milan Hoodie | White

Fresh Couture have once again released a new range of streetwear clothes that have taken the fashion world by storm, their latest range of hoodies (in our opinion) is one of the best designed collections on the market. With striking new designs, this range is defiantly the one for you.


Now, the contrasting taping designs down the sleeves and the signature crossed out logo are not the only reasons why the Milan Hoodie should already be in your wardrobe. The fitted fleece design allows you to not only show off your physic in a subtle way but be completely comfortable doing so.


We don’t need to give you any suggestions to what you should pair the Milan Hoodie with because the hoodie will literally go with everything in your wardrobe and we mean E V E R Y T H I N G, from black to light blue washout jeans you will be the centre of the fashion game this season.