Lyle and Scott | Highlight | Essentials

We are back for a fresh new year, and that means a fresh new wardrobe!

Lyle and Scott have been a staple in our wardrobes over the holidays and we thought we would name a couple of our all-time favourites.

 The Lyle and Scott Crew Neck Cotton Merino Jumper in Jade Green is made from quality knitwear and fits perfect on anyone. The one jumper you can wear all year round, the Cotton Merino is a classic and suits absolutely any outfit as an over garment for layering or as is! We love this jumper, and I’m not sure what we would have done without it over the holidays.


The easiest throw over in history, the Lyle and Scott Lightweight Hooded Jacket in Navy is an essential for everyone. Perfect for layering, this lightweight jacket is incomparable. Bold colours and a unique design, the lads at Lyle and Scott have truly come to impress. A jacket for every day and for any season of the year. 

And finally, a mix of the two. The Lyle and Scott Herrington Jacket in Jade Green. Another essential staple for the wardrobe. Dark green with a stylish yet subtle check lining, the Harrington Jacket can be paired with a nice dark pair of tapered jeans, with a white knit under. The neck closure is featured with a double button neck closure to zip up all the way and keep you incredibly warm no matter the weather.


We can’t wait to see what else Lyle and Scott release this year!