How to Style | Casual Office Attire

Who said work attire had to be so formal? Keep it simple and clean, that’s how we get away with wearing our favourite casual pieces into the office. How do we keep is casual at our 9-5? We thought we would make your lives easier by listing our favourite outfits.


304 Clothing perfect the urban streetwear look. We love this brand purely for their fresh and basic style. The Non Rip Jeans in Black are the best for that casual fit, but still looking formal for the office. These suit for all year round and can be paired with anything on top to give it that smart casual look.


Gym King are always killing it with their collections every year. There is a reason why they are our most popular on the site. The office air con is always blasting, and the Lawsky Crew Sweatshirt in Black has been keeping us super warm at our desks. A warm slim fit sweater that is perfect for the office. We get away with this casual piece with a longer coat or blazer on top, with a button up underneath.


Lastly, Good for Nothing never disappoint when it comes to staying on trend all season long. That is why we love their Patrol Shirt in Black. A simple button up, that still sits casual and can be dressed up and down especially for office attire. We pair this up with a dark pair of pants and formal boots or leather loafers.

No need for that uncomfortable suit during your 9-5. Stay casual in the office with our favourite picks!