Men's Polo Shirt

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A Polo Shirt is the ultimate wardrobe foundation for any man. Perhaps one of the most versatile and essential pieces of clothing. A polo shirt can be worn all year round, whether that's on a night out on the town or just looking for that casual look. Pair a polo shirt with jeans for that easy yet stylish night out outfit or a polo shirt with joggers to keep it casual yet still looking every bit the part. 

Every wardrobe should have a stack of polo shirts for every occasion. From there you can build them outfits to evolve with trends, styles and seasons to have a solid rotation happening all year. Team a white polo shirt together with slim fitting blue denim jeans for the ultimate classic casual combination. Or go for a trending, stripe polo to pop a little colour into that outfit. Layer printed, textured designs under jackets, coats and sweaters to add interest to classic combinations and added warmth in colder months.

To keep your polo shirts season appropriate consider bright colours for warmer months and pair plain, block colours with blue/black slim fitting jeans and canvas sneakers to get your night out look.