Nimes Clothing | T-Shirts & Spray on Jeans | Northern Menswear

The game changers of denim, Nimes has been making huge moves since 2016. The brand was established purely from the market gap of too many new styles, and never quite “replicating how they envisioned the perfect jean”.

Nimes released their first collection of super skinny spray on jeans in September 20196, and the urban streetwear fashion industry would never be the same again. Finally, the perfect denim jeans were in production, and the brand began reaching heights and furthered their reach with social media and celebrity support.

Now, Nimes sits as one of the most trustworthy brands on the scene. They have grown to now produce not only denim jeans but tees, jumpers, shorts and even chino pants.

Their garments are the perfect combination of super stylish and extremely comfortable. Nimes dedicate their designs to create the perfect fit for absolutely any body shape that appears almost tailor-made.

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