Mercier Clothing UK

Ben Mercer launched the Mercier brand in 2017, with the idea of creating a range of fresh, trend-setting menswear. The brand name was created using the French origin of Mercer’s last name, Mercier – the French meaning being, a dealer in fabrics and materials. What sets the brand apart is the unique approach to the inspiration for the designs. Mercer wanted to create clothing that he wanted to feel comfortable and confident in with the prediction that others would want to feel “different” and unique in their clothing like he did. His hunch was right and Mercier took off. The brand’s urban influenced styles have a distinct edgy and industrial look that is unmistakable. The Mercier range includes hoodies, t-shirts, tracksuits and headwear that can be paired together for the ultimate street style look. One of the most popular Mercier clothing combinations are its hoodies and joggers, match colours for the quintessential urban streetwear ensemble. If you need something a bit smarter for a night out, pair any Mercier t-shirt with some black jeans.