Fresh Ego Kid

Fresh Ego Kid Caps, T-Shirts & Clothing UK

Fresh Ego Kid has been on the men’s urban streetwear fashion market for a while now and have ranked their way to become one of the most reputable brands on the market.

Their style is a result of the brand strong vision. Fresh Ego Kid produce clothing that inspire growth and creativity in each unique individual. Their authenticity in design has been admired by this generation and the urban streetwear market welcome their diversity with open arms.

Focused on the UK urban street culture, Fresh Ego Kid’s hats, clothing and other accessories have been purely curated for the people. Their trend setting collections season after season have now attracted some of the largest names in sports and music in the UK urban culture scene.

Fresh Ego Kid have always been dedicated to providing quality pieces that represent the brand’s vision. Their collections is always fashion forward, and Fresh Ego Kid falls nothing short of innovation and personality in each of their pieces.