Danner Boots

Danner footwear

Charles Danner moved his operations to Portland, Oregon in 1936 when he learned loggers were in need of high quality handcrafted boots that could stand up to the rigors of the pacific northwestIn fact, a well-worn pair of Danner served as proof a logger was worth his salt. As the needs of the Northwest evolved, so has their line of products. Danner made boots for the shipyard workers building boats for the war effort during the ‘40s and outfitted hikers, backpackers and mountain climbers as the age of recreation bloomed in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Eventually word of the Danner boots got out, so much so the U.S. Army asked them to design a utilitarian combat boot specifically for troops serving in mountainous regions overseas. And yet, as they have grown, they have done so on their own terms. Danner still make each pair with handcrafted precision, using the best possible materials they can find, to create boots built to last. Which is exactly how they are going to keep making them for as long as Danner make boots.

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