The 3 Season Essentials To Get You Through Autumn

The month of Autumn can be super confusing at times, and especially as the days get colder, the more layers we put on. On our Northern Menswear site, we have the vital essentials that will keep you warm but cool enough to not be sweating by the afternoon!

We’ve gathered the top 3 autumn essentials for these awkward transition months.


 The Ultimate Light Weight Jacket

It isn’t quite thick warm jacket as of yet, but still cool enough to add an extra layer to everyday attire, a light weight jacket is one street wear essential. The Poly Fitted Hooded Jacket in Steel Grey ticks all the boxes for a great casual everyday wear. Rather than your massive woollen coat, the perfect in between is a tracksuit jacket. Simple to take on and off, this light extra layer is more than enough for those days when you aren’t too sure what the weather will be like. The ones we have selected have been our collection favourites so far and we cannot wait for more drops of light weight jackets.

The Comfortable Joggers

For when you’re feeling a comfortable and chill outfit for those cooler days of the season. Whether it be a casual outfit out, or for a lazy day in, you cannot go wrong with perfect fit Gym King Tapered Poly Tracksuit Bottoms in Black and Red. No need to be uncomfortable all day in a denim pair of jeans, when you can just slip on some tracksuit pants and head out. For an easy smart casual look, simply pair with a crisp white tee or a matching hoodie or jacket on top. With an awesome fit, you can stay comfortable and still remain with the ultimate streetwear look.

The Lazy Sweatshirt

You leave the house freezing and by the afternoon you are sweating. The Sinners Attire Grey Retro Sweater is another essential for those days you know you’ll be adding and taking off layers. Not only does a sweatshirt give that extra layer of warmth but also can complete an entire outfit. Such a cool look especially when it comes to that urban streetwear trend. Wear a long tee underneath and leave it hanging to finish the final look.