How to Style | Denim Jeans | Top Tips on Wearing Denim

There is one item that in everyone’s wardrobe and I bet you cannot guess what it is! They are the foundation of almost every outfit and yet, can be styled so wrong. A pair of denim jeans is the one staple item that every lad either has or needs. They are so simple, yet, we can get so wrong! Luckily, we have all your denim queries covered, so you can steer far from naff.

Tip One: Rip ‘em

Ripped jeans. You cannot get any other staple piece in your wardrobe. Jeans with ripped knees is a trend that can never fade. You might have noticed this trend being around for a while now and our brands will definitely be all over it again this year. For the ultimate look, we recommend the Marquee Ripped Jeans in Blue from the denim kings at Emulate. Their skinny fits and the right amount of rip jeans never seem to disappoint. The same ripped jeans from Emulate but in Black are also popular, and we have been paring this with a white long-sleeved tee with a pair of white sneakers for a basic but stylish look.

Tip Two: Bootcut jeans are merely a memory

I don’t think I know anyone who still wears bootcut jeans, and if you do, pick them up and throw them into the trash. Sorry lads, something which once was, is now a thing of the past. No matter what shape you are, bootcut jeans are simply unflattering. Skinny jeans, on the other hand, work for everybody and can be styled much easier than a pair of dad jeans. The Nimes Super Spray on Jeans in Blue is just one example of the style of skinny jeans that have become essential. A close fit from waist to ankle, which complements literally any size. These jeans are also extremely stretchy, so you are comfortable all through your busy day.

Tip Three: Forget washing! 

Go against everything your Mum or Mrs has ever told you. It’s hard to believe but, don’t wash your denim! Try and refrain washing your denim jeans for as long as possible after buying them. They will naturally fade and end up creating their own unique washed out shade, so they really do not need much wash at all! If one of the lads spill their drink on them, however, don’t fret! When you do have to give them a wash, make sure pull them inside out and this can help with the slight fading. Denim jeans do not need much maintenance, they look after themselves, just another reason why we love them!