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The Lab London was founded back in 2015 inspired by the urban culture it was immersed in. At the core of the brand are a group of young fashionistas, skaters and artists that make up the staff, ambassadors and customers. This cult following is a reflection of the forward thinking and unique approach that The Lab London has towards fashion. Their brand is being built on the reputation of offering quality, stylish and authentic headwear to men and women. Its unisex styles and designs offer simple but bold statements on their trucker hats, snap backs and beanies. Since its formation, The Lab London has worked with some of the most ground-breaking designers, artists, photographers and musicians of this generation. Each collaboration has helped continue the unique identity and attitude that is synonymous with The Lab London.
This cult brand has been spotted on some of the most famous names of fashion, music and sport with names such as the Beckhams, Perrie Edwards, Scotty T and Pete Wicks all rocking their The Lab London beanies, hats and snapbacks.