Saucony Originals have been a strong member of the best running shoe brands of the past century. A celebration of the past and present when on your feet, providing comfort and style for all members. Many styles available here at Northern Menswear

      Saucony Originals

      Saucony Shadow 5000 - Autumn Blaze/Limo


      Saucony Shadow 5000 - Monument/Dove


      Saucony Jazz Original - Navy


      Saucony Shadow 5000 - Green/Brown


      Saucony Shadow 5000 - Maroon/Navy


      Saucony Shadow 5000 - Navy/Grey


      Saucony Shadow 5000 Vintage - Grey/White


      Saucony Jazz Original - Maroon/Black


      Saucony Originals | Men's Saucony Jazz Originals | Northern Menswear

      Revolutionising the athletic sneaker scene, Saucony deliver iconic and timeless style to all their footwear. Their focus revolves around the technology used to enhance activity while the runner wears them. Saucony’s strong emphasis on healthy lifestyle shines through their brand to fit and suit anyone.

      Inspired by runners around the world, Saucony dedicate their work to innovation, engineering and design. Comfortable and durable, Saucony sneakers also allow for optimum performance during any physical activity.

      Their years of experience prove that their technicians and designers know exactly how to curate the perfect shoe. Completely versatile for anything the day may bring, Saucony shoes are always delivering high quality and exceptional impact resistance athletic footwear.

      Whether it be a solid session at the gym, a morning run or a casual catch up with the boys, Saucony sneakers have you covered.