Ma. Strum was founded in 2008 by Donrad Duncan & the Massimo Osti Studio. This partnership combines the archives of Massimo Osti & designs of Donrad Duncan. The Ma.Strum collection is inspired by the principles of Massimo Osti using innovative high-tech fabrics and technology to create quality products providing function, comfort and style.


Ma.Strum GD Cargo Short - Quicksilver


Ma.Strum GD Cargo Short - True Navy


Ma.Strum NT1 Jacket - Quicksilver


Ma.Strum GD Overshirt - Quicksilver


Ma.Strum GD Overshirt - True Navy


Ma.Strum SS Pique Polo - Quicksilver


Ma.Strum Icon Box Logo T-shirt - Quicksilver


Ma.Strum Icon Box Logo T-shirt - Optic White/Cayenne


Ma.Strum Icon Box Logo T-shirt - Mint


Ma.Strum Zip Pocket Shirt - Jet Black


Ma.Strum SS Pique Polo - Jet Black


Ma.Strum SS Pique Polo - Optic White


Ma.Strum Crew Neck Knit - Elephant Grey


Ma.Strum Icon Watch Cap - Black


Ma.Strum Icon Watch Cap - Karota


Ma.Strum Icon Watch Cap - Navy


Ma.Strum Lightweight GD Crew Sweat - Navy


Ma.Strum SS Pique Polo - Spartan Red


Ma.Strum SS Pique Polo - Dark Navy


Ma.Strum SS Box Icon T-shirt - Spartan Red


Ma.Strum | Men's Fashion & Clothing | Northern Menswear

MA.STRUM exists at the intersect of fashion and function, a brand dedicated to the pursuit of textile innovation & utilitarian design.

MA.STRUM began in late 2009 as a partnership with the Massimo Osti Archive and would later become, and today remains, proudly independent. Designs are realised as the product of an extensive research and development process, one that addresses how the wearer engages with and is protected by their garment.

While each collection boasts a variety of influences, MA.STRUM does draw most significantly from the worlds of sportswear, performance clothing & military design.