Belier Loui Crop Trouser


Belier Etienne Wave T-shirt - White


Belier Oceane T-shirt


Belier Ètienne Wave T-shirt - Black


Belier Pierre Crop Trouser


Belier Killian Bomber Jacket


Belier Lucien Pinstripe T-shirt - Black


Belier Beaumont Cropped trouser - Grey


Belier Clément Check Gilet


Belier Clothing, T-Shirts, Trousers & more

A high-end streetwear coming into the scene to “bridge the gap between smart wear and casual wear”. Belier has brought style innovation to the market and paved the way fresh and unique garments.

With their combination of aesthetic, high end yet casual designs, Belier aim to create their “own category within the fashion industry”. By sticking close to the basics, Belier have achieved the ultimate look of simple yet luxe. Focusing on upcoming and emerging trends, the brand continues to grow not only to suit streetwear style, but also remain completely functional and comfortable.

As firm believers of individuality expressed with outfits, Belier deliver high standard designs that never seem to disappoint. Driven and influenced by trends and youth culture, Belier have made their mark in the urban streetwear scene and continue to lead the athleisure wear movement. Elevate your wardrobe with Belier Paris.