Arvin Goods

Arvin was created to redefine what makes a really good sock. Because socks are terrible for the environment. The average pair of socks takes
50+ gallons of fresh water to create. 85% of used textiles end up as landfill waste.
So, Arvin have decided to focus on making the world’s first really good socks. Socks that look and feel good to wear, definitely, but socks that also make it easy for more
humans to do good and lessen their impact on a daily basis.

Because your favourite socks shouldn’t be jerks to the environment-and your favourite socks shouldn’t take away from your desire to do good.
To make that happen, Arvin use a manufacturing process that’s as efficient as it is
responsible.  With recycled and/or discarded apparel scraps to create the softest
and comfiest socks around. The process requires almost zero water, and no
harmful chemicals or dyes. It also works really, really well. And once more brands
are clued in (we’re currently helping a few), it’s going to change the apparel
industry for the better—for good.
Arvin Goods wanted to make doing good easy for more people. To make it
easy to do the responsible thing on a daily basis. Arvin started with socks, however their big goal right now is to totally nail the “making socks responsibly” thing. 

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