Trending: Retro Inspiration

If you’ve been paying attention to the fashion, art and music scene then you would know that there is a revival happening as we speak. We’re seeing homages of previous decades including the 2000s , 90s, 80s, 70s and 60s. Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s Finesse showcases this 90s obsession perfectly – boom boxes and bright colours anyone?


This revival was bound to happen, trends come and they go. We reuse, re-wear and repurpose that’s just how the style cycle works. Very few things like a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans will stand the test of the fashion cycle. Yves Saint Laurent just launched their FW18 in Paris with 70s inspired crushed velvet suits and oversized 80s-esque shoulder pads.


It seems that of all the fashion industries, the retro revival has hit the fashion subcultures the hardest.


Street style in particular has been inspired by the baggy cuts, contrasting colours and laid-back vibe of the 90s. Instead of designing complete recreations designers are choosing to meld characteristics of 90s fashion with contemporary style. Clothing gives a clear nod to its inspiration without looking out of place in this modern setting.


Brands like Champion, Randovement, 10.Deep and Nike have been churning out fresh pieces with inspirations of the past and tying them in with current items for a modern retro look. We don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon so it might be time to start embracing some retro-inspired items or even heading to a vintage store for a more authentic find.


One brand that’s killing the retro game is one of Northern Menswear’s very own Mercier Clothing.


One of the best premium streetwear brands that Europe has to offer, Mercier Clothing is taking the retro trend and doing their own thing with it. The brand is continually developing their brand and designs bringing in new ideas every season they drop. The brand has a distinct industrial vibe but they continue to combine their core aesthetics with upcoming trends whilst creating their own.


We’ve been particularly loving their Navy Lounge Tracksuit set which is giving us serious 1950s vibes. It’s the kind of outfit that Danny Zuko from Grease would weather to P.E. class and we aren’t complaining. The obvious shoe choice for this look would be a white or black high cut converse but if you want to keep things contemporary just pair the set with your favourite sneakers of the moment.