Spotlight: Rose London - Black Saul T-shirt

Retro revival has been huge in fashion, film and music over the recent years. More and more people are shopping at vintage store and Bruno Mars’ new drop Finesse is giving us serious 90s hip-hop vibes. While some brands are designing total retro recreations others have a subtler approach to the retro trend with small nods to the past.


So if you’re not the kind of person that wants to be decked out head to toe in vintage finds you might want to keep an eye out for brands like Rose London that show their retro appreciation in a low-key way.


The Rose London Black Saul T-shirt is a comfortable muscle-fit t-shirt that features the Rose London logo in a varsity inspired red and white logo. We love how this shirt gives off super retro vibes without going too overboard on their prints, colours and shapes.