Spotlight: Nuevo Club - Khaki Signature Hoodie

At Northern Menswear we believe that there’s no problem that a good hoodie can’t fix. Cold? Chuck on your hoodie. Tired? Use your hoodie as a pillow. Fire? Throw your hoodie on the blaze to put it out. While the last one may not be the most practice use for your favourite hoodie it still works.


That’s why we shamelessly stock up on incoming hoodies despite the fact that there’s a dedicated section to our wardrobes on this fail-safe garment. The latest hoodie that’s popped up on our radar is the Nuevo Club Khaki Signature Hoodie.


We’ve spoken about our love for khaki before so it’s no surprise that we’re falling for this hoodie but this khaki is just a bit different, with almost a tinge of grey, it’s just enough to stand out.