Spotlight: Gym King | Reflective Lester Poly Tracksuit Top | Wine & Gold

Gym King is one of our newest brands on Northern Menswear and we cannot wait to show you their range. Their products prove that there definitely is a perfect balance between smart streetwear and also being completely comfortable. Gym King’s specific style keeps up to date with latest trends and fills that gap in modern urban culture.


We are currently loving Gym King’s range but more specifically the Reflective Lester Poly Hooded Tracksuit Top in Wine/Gold. We are all about this tracksuit top purely because of its lush look. Definitely encouraging that diverse and modern look with that mix of luxury and simpleness. Being a slim polyester fit, the Reflective Tracksuit Top will suit any body shape. The feature of the elasticated cuffs is there to fit perfectly around your wrist. The drawstring hood also has a full zip, so you can personally customise how the hood sits on you. The detail of the logo on each of the zippers on the Tracksuit Top give the final touch of that lush tracksuit that looks.


Being burgundy and gold, gives the Reflective Lester Poly Tracksuit Top a look that not only keeps you standing from the crowd, but also gives you that luxury look that is stylish yet incredibly effortless. Pair this with the matching Reflective Jogger Pants and you are set for the ultimate streetwear look of lavishness and simplicity.