Spotlight: Fresh Arrivals | Fresh Couture

A definite favourite from us when it comes to urban streetwear is Fresh Couture. The lads are always bringing out the latest styles and are definitely the trendsetters of the season. Their designs and garments are always are always focused on being utterly comfortable and also additionally, complement your overall street style look. Good news! You can find all their latest arrivals right here on Northern Menswear!


Fresh Couture have definitely made a statement with their range. With a strong focus on a unique streetwear and urban look, it's no wonder Fresh Couture is a favourite during all seasons of the year. When looking at emerging trends one that comes to mind is the matching tracksuit look and especially during this transition season, a perfectly fitted thin yet warm matching tracksuit is definitely a go to. Fresh Couture's new arrivals have such a large range of Poly Fitted Tapered Tracksuits are suited for any body type.


Another new Fresh Couture arrival that is always a season favourite are the basic Milan T-Shirts. With a fresh update on their new range, and of course the Couture logo written across the chest, these tees can be simply paired with anything and still create an awesome look. The Milan Tees give that extra flexibility as they can be worn formally or completely casually.


Lastly, their release of new Fitted Fleece Pants are always a Best Seller on our Northern Menswear site. We are all over this comfy look and Fresh Couture never fail when delivering that perfect balance of stylish look but all the while very comfortable.

Fresh Couture have always been one of the most reliable brands when it comes to piecing together a comfortable yet stylish look. Their new release is the epitome of casual and urban streetwear look and they are continuously bringing out styles that set the trends of the season. Scroll through their latest on our site now!