How to style: Denim in Autumn

It's time for the shorts to be hung back up in the wardrobe until next year and pull out all your favourite denim jeans the approaching cooler months. The brands across the Northern Menswear site have the freshest ranges where you can find the perfect denim jeans for Autumn.

 Sinners Attire: Dark Blue Destroyed Jeans

Every guy needs their dark blue denim jeans that they will wear all year round. The lads at Sinners Attire are the denim fit experts and all their jeans are crafted purely for the average guy. We love styling these a long basic tee and a pair of slides or fresh sneakers to top it off. Where these for a casual day out or dress them up with a button up shirt for a more formal night.

 Emulate Marquee: Ripped Jeans in Light Blue

For the ultimate stylish street look, Emulate have given us that one pair of denim jeans that we will definitely wear all year round. The lighter colour still hints to the warmer weather, but still keeping warm. Perfect for afternoon drinks or a good Sunday session! We would pair these with a bright printed shirt or basic white tee with a pair of your favourite sunnies.

Sinners Attire: Black Destroyed Jeans

Very similar to the dark blue destroyed, these Black Destroyed Jeans are another go to pair of jeans that can be paired with absolutely anything on top. These again can be dressed up and down casually depending on venue or event. To be casual we recommend a basic tee with a zip hoodie over the top or to be formal we suggest a long sleeved all black shirt buttoned up with the sleeves rolled up.