How to: 3 Ways to Wear the Check Shirt

Good for Nothing have released a range of check shirts that we are calling that they are the Autumn trend this season. We have three ways to wear a check shirt to nail your streetwear look whether it be for a casual or more dressed up day.

Buttoned up
Of course, the most classic look for the check shirt is button up fully and worn as is. Such a simple look that can make a whole outfit. We recommend pairing a check shirt with a cool pair of distressed denim jeans, whether they be black or blue denim works either way because the shirt can complement any denim! The buttoned-up works for a dressier look, for going out for a formal evening.

Unbuttoned opened with a basic tee
One look that cannot go wrong! Finishing off your streetwear look with a check shirt over your basic tee is honestly the look of the season. The perfect medium on those autumn days when it isn’t too hot but not too cold either. Layering is key during these transitional months and the check shirt is a great look for a lightweight layer on top. 

Around Waist
The check shirt around the waist has been a risky move for the gents, but this season it is having a major comeback. Rock the look and tie the check shirt around your waist for an awesome urban streetwear outfit.