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We’re currently in the deepest end of the winter season, the sky is gloomy, snow is everywhere, our fingers are numb, but our fashion is far from dismal. If you can, just for one second manage to look away from the darkness that is the outside world and cast your attention onto the bright light that is our best sellers of this icy weather, we promise to turn your February blues into shining colours.


The air outside is numbingly cold and depressing, but with the help of a trusty old pal we have just the hoodie to turn that frown upside down. The Embossed Hoodie from Mercier is an oldie, but defiantly a goodie – this bright burnt orange hoodie is set with a think inner fleece design, kanga pockets and ribbed sleeves, to keep you toasty all winter long.


If bright and colourful isn’t your thing and you rather channel the gloomy weather in your wardrobe, don’t sweat it, we have you covered! The Blackout Hooded track top from Raith is the slim fitting jacket you need, with engraved pullers, embroidered sleeve panelling and a combined blend of material you’ll be a style god.

Now that your upper body is taken care of, the lower body needs some TLC… skinny jeans, some say the tighter they are the more modern you look? Okay sure, no problem lets run with it and take it one step further by chucking in some rips - The king of modern skinny ripped jeans is Emulate, with their unbelievable, comfortable light blue Marquee ripped jeans, you’ll be sliding around town dripping in style.